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ashley rivers

D.O.B: 02.10.1982
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 167lbs
Hair Colour: blonde/brown
Eye Colour: black
Current Occupation: Detective Inspector, Missing Persons
Books Appeared In: An Unlikely Betrayal, Standstill
Ashley Rivers

Ashley is a tall, slim, confident woman. She hates to wear uniform — because she wore it for a good six years of her life — and now prefers the way a blazer sits on her shoulders. Her chest is small, and a few times, in the office when she's had her hair put in a ponytail, some of her colleagues have mistaken her for a man. Not one to take kindly to sexual harassment, she quickly told them what she thought of them, and reported them to her senior officer. 

Ashley has a fiery personality. Her temperament is on a short fuse, and it really doesn't take a lot to wind her up — something Jake learned the hard way. But she is hard working and dedicated to making a difference in the world, one criminal at a time. She does, however, have a humourous side to her, and every Friday she enjoys going to the pub with the rest of her colleagues for a pint and a wind down. That is, when she's not busy trying to meet men online. 


In school, Ashley was a problem child. She was a rebel. Lost without a cause. She didn't want to be there, and nobody was going to tell her she had to. Least of all mum. Her dad left when she was a child, and never returned. That was what started her towards a downward spiral. As much as she respected her mum for raising her on her own, there was a deep anger hiding within Ashley aimed at her father, which was just bursting to come out. 

And it did, with a vengeance. 

When she was fifteen, she got involved with a bad crowd. She started smoking and drinking. Her attendance rapidly fell, and social services called round after the school notified the state. But did she care? No. She was enjoying life and enjoying being a rebel, no matter who she hurt in the process. Little did she know, her mum was at home, drinking herself into oblivion. But Ashley was too much of a teenager to care. 

One day, when she finally decided to come home, Ashley found her mum hanging from the ceiling. Her mum had left a note, not blaming her, but deep down she knew it was her fault. And there was nothing she could do about it. The damage had been done and she was the one to blame. 

That's why she joined the Police Service — to make sure there were no teenagers making the same wrong decisions she did. Making sure they were sticking on the straight and narrow so that they don't blame themselves for any events in the future. 

So after she'd finished her GCSEs — and salvaged what was left of them — she became a Police Community Support Officer. She's been in the force ever since. After completing her Detective Constable exam, she became a member of the Criminal Investigation Department, where she met Jake for the first time — on her first case. With years of hard work under her belt, she eventually was promoted to Detective Inspector, and has been at that role ever since. 


One of Ashley’s favourite things to do, when she's not working, is sit at home in front of the telly with either a tub of ice cream or a packet of crisps. Sometimes she’ll go to the gym and work out. Or, failing that, she’ll go for a run along the River Thames. Something to help her clear her mind out. 

Favourite food: Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food Ice Cream
Favourite drink: Prosecco 
Favourite book: Bridget Jones’s Diary, by Helen Fielding
Favourite film: Bridget Jones’s Diary


What was her most embarrassing moment? One case I was working on, I made a massive mistake. It was a murder/rape case. A young girl had been found in the middle of a park, strangled and naked. We found the suspect, but as we conducted the interview, I forgot to place the tape inside the recorder. We managed to get a full confession, but we didn't record it! Fortunately, we managed to convict him either way, but it was the most embarrassing moment of my professional career. 

What’s her greatest strength? Speaking my mind. I am not afraid to tell people what I think of them. If I don't like someone, I'll tell them. If I don't like how someone has acted or reacted or treated someone else, I'll tell them. There are no niceties anymore with me. I've had a shit life, and I'm not going to let anyone else ruin it with their negativity. 

What’s her greatest flaw? Having so many regrets that now it feels like I'm chasing lost time. 

Proudest achievement? Being promoted to DI, and making my mum proud of me. 

Biggest secret… I've met a man… let's leave it at that. It's probably not a relationship I should be having, but he makes me happy. 


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