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Elizabeth tanner

D.O.B: 28.08.1985
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 144lbs
Hair Colour: blonde
Eye Colour: blue
Current Occupation: Freelance Photographers
First Seen: The Red Viper
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Tall, blonde and phenomenal. That’s how Jake describes her whenever he’s asked about his wife, Elizabeth Tanner. Her hair is almost as long as the small of the back, and as the sun kisses her hazel-blue eyes, her entire complexion glows. Wearing heels, Elizabeth is taller than Jake — much to his annoyance, and whenever they go to formal events with Jake’s work, he has to ask her to wear flats. That way his pride won’t be affected.


She enjoys a simple fashion sense. After working in the fashion/modelling industry for a serious amount of time, she's learnt it's all a waste of time, an unnecessary commodity. There's nothing wrong with a T-shirt and jeans. 


Born and raised in north London to a wealthy politician family, Elizabeth went to a private school. She had very little experience around boys, so when she and Jake met for the first time at UCL, she was shy and awkward. Her personality, mixed with his, meant they fell for each other pretty quickly. They bounced off one another, and soon they fell in love. But Jake wasn’t her only passion in life. 

Growing up, Elizabeth was fascinated with photography and nature and pictures and art and travelling. She long-dreamed of travelling the world and taking world class photos of everything the earth had to offer. Or maybe she could have worked for the BBC on documentaries, and worked with David Attenborough. But it wasn’t meant to be; she had a camera — and agenda — of her own. In high-school, she realised there were other sorts of beauty: people. So she began photographing her school friends and teachers, catching them at the most discreet time. 

Elizabeth then carried on her passion for photography at UCL, where she graduated with a first. After graduating, she was disappointed. The career prospects for a photographer were almost null and void. But before she could search for jobs on her own, she was scouted by a modelling agency, where she worked for a couple of years, shooting clothing and underwear campaigns. It wasn’t until, one time, when she was on set, one of the lead photographers sexually harassed her. A lawsuit ensued, but she lost — the company was in favour of the photographer. Enraged, Elizabeth left the modelling company, and her handsome salary, behind. Ever since, she has been a freelance photographer, focusing on professional headshots, weddings, and baby photos. Despite the lack of solid income, she loves what she does, and she wouldn’t change anything about it. Now, she has the freedom to look after her children, and make sure that she nurtures them into decent human beings. Elizabeth is her own boss, who is not willing to stand for anything she doesn’t agree with. 


Elizabeth is a vivacious watcher of rom-coms, but she also enjoys a good action thriller. Something with guns, swearing, and a lot of violence. She hopes that one day the two will be combined, and that it will soon become her favourite film — she’s bored of watching Mr and Mrs Smith.


When she’s working at home, and while the kids are at school, she uses classical music to help her relax and focus on what she’s doing. The last thing she wants is the mind-numbing daytime television playing in the background.




Favourite food: Pizza 

Favourite drink: Alcoholic: mojito; soft: sprite

Favourite book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Favourite film: Mr and Mrs Smith


What was her most embarrassing moment? Boarding school, when I was in one of the changing rooms. I was bullied horrendously, and some of the girls in the school filmed me in my underwear and sent it around the school. Fortunately, it was dealt with quickly by the teachers and support staff. But it still lives with me — and it makes the fear of Ellie and Maisie being bullied in school ever present. 


What’s her greatest strength? Having a happy business and a happy family. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Jake, though. He was the one who gave me the nudge in the right direction. He was the one who told me to take the leap and work towards achieving my goal — even if money was stretched as far as we could manage. 

What’s her greatest flaw? I don’t like being told when to stop. But I’m more than happy to tell Jake to stop work, or that he needs to spend more time at home. I realise his line of work is stressful and incredibly important, but he also has a family at home that need him. I don’t want him to miss the girls growing up. I know that he works hard to make sure they’re safe, and he’s the perfect role model, but he needs to focus on them as much as he does SO15. Me, on the other hand, I’m constantly working late, on my website, editing photos for clients, and making sure that everything gets sorted for them on time. I am in control, and nobody can tell me when enough is enough. I wouldn’t have a business if I did.  


Proudest achievement?  Being a fantastic mother to Ellie and Maisie, after being told I would never be able to conceive. The doctors told me my womb was not a suitable place to house a child for nine months, and that there was an issue with my eggs which meant the sperm couldn't get through. In short, they told me I was infertile, and it broke me. But then I got pregnant, and I have never been prouder. 

Biggest secret… It’s called a secret for a reason… 


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