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Atrapados en el lugar equivocado en el momento equivocado.

Jake Tanner es un hombre de todos los días, no lo elegirías entre la multitud. Y cuando una visita rutinaria a un banco se vuelve amarga, Jake se encuentra en medio de un robo a un banco armado.


Los criminales - los crimsons. Notorio. Infame. Y sin embargo, para apretar el gatillo a nadie. Pero eso no significa que no lo harán.


En esta pelea o situación de vuelo, Jake debe proteger a su novia, Elizabeth, de cualquier daño a toda costa.


¿Tendrá éxito The Crimsons, o se interpondrá Jake en su camino? ¿Están a punto de gastar su primera bala en el cráneo de Jake?


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When Jake Tanner steps into the darkness, he comes face to face with… The Wolf

Jake Tanner is fighting to keep his job. Budget cuts within SO15, Counter Terrorism Command, are inbound. And everyone knows it's the last ones in that are first to go.

So when a crazed gunman sieges a popular cinema in the heart of London, Jake jumps at the opportunity to protect his livelihood.

And he soon learns that there's nothing more dangerous than a man who's willing to risk it all.


During the busy festive period, the head of a terrorist cell is found dead outside his apartment in the early hours of Christmas Eve, his body still warm.

Jake Tanner and the Counter Terrorism Command team are called in to investigate.

Why was he there? Who killed him? And what does the note in his sock have to do with his death?

The answers are as unsettling as they are surprising.

This Christmas is going to be one to forget.

When a terrorist suspect leaves a chilling warning before shooting dead two officers, Jake and the rest of Counter Terrorism Command must uncover the mystery.

One of London's greatest landmarks is next on the hit list.

Which one? Why?

And can they stop it in time?


The stresses of Jake's new job in Counter Terrorism Command are getting to him.

The people he chases don't sleep, don't rest.

They don't care for the harm and destruction they cause.

And Jake's next opponent is intent on unleashing hell.

What happens when all the lights in London go out, and all the power switches off?

What happens when a city is brought to its knees?

Jake Tanner’s about to find out.

And he’s right in the middle of it.


Revenge is sweet.

But not when it's against you.

Not when it's against your family.

Family is off-limits.

And Jake Tanner will do anything to protect his.

Twenty-six miles.

Forty thousand runners.


Even more spectators.


For one day of the year, the streets of London are shut off to celebrate the London Marathon.


Except this year, there won't be anything to celebrate...


The best day of your life. Your wedding day. Nerves, excitement, apprehension.

But when it's a Royal Wedding, the stakes are even higher, the tension more palpable.

Especially when someone wants to kill the bride...

Jake Tanner hasn't been to a football match in years - not since his dad died on the way to pick him up from a local game.

So when a terror cell attacks his favourite football stadium, killing dozens and injuring hundreds more, Jake is both relieved and appalled - only the day before was he in the same crowds, experiencing the same atmosphere.

But now he must put that behind him and focus on finding the people responsible.

And fast. Because another attack's coming.

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