Candice Strachan can’t breathe.


A small jewellers is raided in Guildford High Street and leaves police chasing their tails. Reports suggest that it's The Crimsons, an organised crime group the police have been hunting for years.


The device wrapped around her neck is suffocating her, crushing her chest.


But for rookie detective, Jake Tanner, something doesn't seem right. The heist doesn’t fit any of their previous patterns. And the last time Jake met them, he was staring down the barrel of their gun, bargaining for his life.


The men who put it there have left her to die.


When the shop owner is kidnapped and a collar bomb is attached to her neck, Jake learns one of his own is involved – a police officer.


Her life now rests in Jake Tanner’s hands.


As Jake follows the group on a wild goose chase, he questions everything he knows about his team. Who can he trust? And is he prepared to find out?

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"A horror filled start that already has me on edge..."

- Goodreads Reviewer

"Oh my goodness! The tension and suspense throughout had me on the edge of my seat..."

- Goodreads Reviewer

"This story gripped me from the very beginning..."

- Amazon Reviewer

"Brutal, violent and fantastically organised... Had me hooked from the start."

- Chopper Crime Books

"Layer upon layer of intrigue and misdirection bundled into a police procedural"

- Puzzle Paws Blog

"...hit the ground running and maintained a fast pace throughout"

- Ginger Book Geek

"A well written powerful police procedural thriller that will blow you away"

- Surjit's Book Blog

"A clever concept, wonderful characters and a gripping storyline"

- Nicki's Book Blog



Danny was in the driving seat; Michael – the middle brother – riding shotgun. Michael was the strongest and biggest, declaring himself the brute force of the operation. Always the first one to enter the banks or jewellery stores, he could set the mood, the tempo and scare the shit out of everyone in front of him. Anyone who tried to stand up to him rapidly wished they hadn’t for fear of being picked up and squeezed. Whereas Danny was the opposite. Slimmer. Shorter. And in his own words, more handsome. During their operations he had always seemed to be the most calm, the most relaxed, the most authoritative. He took control of the entire room with his voice. 

Michael leant forward and switched the radio up full blast. ‘Robbers’ by The 1975 played.


Meanwhile, Luke – the youngest – was in the back, clinging to the shoulders of Michael and Danny’s synthetic plastic seats. They neared a roundabout, and Danny showed no signs of slowing down. Instead, he pressed the accelerator and swerved the black Ford transit round the bend, ignoring the horns and gesticulations from other drivers. The sudden force of the movement caused Luke to lose his grip on the seats and slam into the interior panels of the van, his head ricocheting off the metal. 

‘Fucking hell, Danny!’ he shouted, leaning into the cockpit and turning the radio off. ‘Watch it!’ 


Danny snickered and looked in his side-view mirror. 


‘Sorry, mate. Didn’t realise you were in the back there. You’re so quiet.’ 


‘Not that you’d be able to hear me.’ Luke slapped Michael on the back of the head for nearly bursting his eardrums. ‘Thought we weren’t supposed to be drawing attention to ourselves?’


‘Can’t you feel the adrenaline pumping?’ Danny asked, glancing in the rear-view mirror. Luke glimpsed a fiery excitement behind his eldest brother’s darkened eyes. 


‘This thing’ll go off if you aren’t careful.’ Holding Danny’s gaze, Luke pointed to the metal object covered in tarpaulin in the back of the van. 


‘The only reason it’ll go off is if your fat arse sits on it,’ Michael replied. 

They called themselves The Crimsons. And they had been in the business of robbing banks for years. Nine, in fact. They had travelled the length of the country, raiding some of the largest banks and jewellers on the high street. And, in that time, they had become invisible – masters of deception and anonymity. Thanks, ultimately, to their excessive attention to detail. They left nothing uncovered – no escape unaccounted for. All bases of their heists were meticulously prepared. Not to mention that it helped to have certain friends in certain high places on the payroll.


But for their final heist, Danny – the eldest brother – wanted to go rogue. Off the books. Off the radar. And off the fucking chain. He had ingrained his modus operandi in them as soon as they began planning. He wanted to commit the worst robbery ever seen and be immortalised by the media coverage that had followed them throughout their nine-year career. And they were going to make it exceptional. 



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