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ELLIE tanner

D.O.B: 03.04.2010
Height: 4'1"
Weight: 56lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Current Occupation: student, primary school
First Seen: Standstill
Books Appeared In: Standstill, Floor 68
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Maisie and Ellie Tanner could not look further apart from one another. Whereas Maisie looks like both Jake and Elizabeth combined, Ellie shares neither of their physical traits. The only thing she does share with her parents are different aspects of her personality: she has Elizabeth’s sense of commanding and control and authority, and Jake’s sense of doing what is right for everyone — even if it means putting herself last. 

Ellie Tanner — their second Little Miracle — was born prematurely. In school, she's outgoing and loud. With her two closest friends at school, she's even worse. But with anyone else outside of that, she struggles. Subsequently, her grades at school are behind what Maisie’s were at the same age. But it doesn't stop Elizabeth or Jake loving her any less.


Up until this point, Ellie’s led a sheltered life. She seldom sees Jake, because he's at work so often. But when she does, she loves it and spends the time she can with him. Elizabeth explains to her that it is all part of daddy’s job and that he's not doing it because he doesn't love her, but at one point in her life — many years ago — she believed that. Now Elizabeth is pregnant again, Ellie’s looking forward to having a new baby brother — someone she can torment as they grow up. It's now time to pass the baton on to the newborn. 

Ellie is generally well-tempered at school, but sometimes she has a few episodes which means she doesn't do the work and begins to disrupt the lesson — only if she doesn't like the class or the teacher. And in most cases, it's because of the teacher. 


Ellie likes her friends. She likes playing on the swings outside of school once it's finished. She likes spending a lot of the time in front of the TV, watching and playing video games on the family tablet. Soon, Jake will get her her own one, and make it her responsibility to keep it safe - if she breaks it, that's it, there are no more. 


One of her favourite things to do in her spare time, is also watch YouTube videos online. She watches a plethora of things, and she likes to listen to music videos when she's in her room. Ellie’s quite the diva. Jake often says that she's in her teenage years well ahead of her time. Despite this, and because she's the youngest, she's the most excitable. Whenever they are doing something as a family, she's the one who is always the most thrilled. She adores spending time with her mum and dad and sister, and if she had to choose her favourite: daddy. Because he spoils her. 




Favourite food: McDonalds burger

Favourite drink: water

Favourite book: The Golden Compass

Favourite film: Lion King 


What was her most embarrassing moment? I forgot to take my towel to the shower with me one time, and I had to run across the hallway to get to my room… completely naked! I had to make sure there was no else upstairs with me. I didn't want anyone to see!

What’s her greatest strength? I think my greatest strength would have to be my burping. I can burp really loudly after I've had some Coke or fizzy pop. 

What’s her greatest flaw? I like school. I don't like to listen. It's a bit boring. 

Proudest achievement? Getting to level 500 on Candy Crush.

Biggest secret… Maise broke one of mum's Christmas plates before Christmas and didn't tell her. So I helped her hide it in the bin.


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