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rupert haversham

D.O.B: 30.07.1967
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 220lbs
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: hazel
Current Occupation: Barrister
Books Appeared In: An Unlikely Betrayal
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Overweight — in a simple word. His stomach overhangs his trousers, and sometimes it sticks out of any T-shirt he wears. Most of the clothes Rupert owns are covered in yellow sweat stains. Despite their hefty price tag, they’re unable to eradicate Rupert’s sweat issues. 

His hair is thin and slicked back. His nose is big, and his eyebrows are bushy. His forehead is greasy, and his cheeks saggy. It’s a miracle he managed to find himself married in the first place.

He wears a gold chain on his wrist, and a Rolex on his right hand — which is the wrong hand for him, because he’s right-handed and should be wearing it on his left.   


A wealthy barrister, Rupert Haversham isn't afraid to screw over friends and family to help him get to the top.  He's an arrogant bastard who will do whatever he can to succeed. Few people like him, and those who do because they feel afraid and threatened by him. Either that, or they're his family. 

That doesn’t, however, stop him from being good at what he does. He is incredibly successful. He has earned millions through high-profile cases — the likes of which the news seldom hears about. In his career, Rupert Haversham has built up an army of enemies — people who despise him, people he has helped sentence to prison, the families of those he has sentenced to a life in incarceration. As a result, Rupert spends a lot go his money on some level of protection. An almost indestructible car. A plethora of technological surveillance situated around the house. 

Despite the number of bad people he has helped sentence to prison, Rupert has also taken a handful of corrupt cases. The one he is most famous for, is dealing with Henry Matheson — the country’s most elusive and notorious gang criminal. Matheson owns a drug cartel in London, and every time one of his dealers is caught, Haversham is the man Matheson goes to. In total, Haversham had helped at least ten of Matheson’s criminal members, and taken a nice little side cheque as a result. 

After many years working with his long-term friend and partner, Richard, Rupert decided to venture into his own business. Much to his friend’s annoyance, Rupert experienced the best few months of work, and he was seldom able to spend time with his wife, Karen, and children, Felicity and Erica. Even though he knew Karen loved him unconditionally, he abused his power to spend as much time away from her as possible. His real love was work, and that was all he wanted to do. 


Rupert enjoys food. There are no two ways about it. One of his favourite meals is a Pot Noodle for a snack. He has a cupboard full of them in his small kitchen at work. When he’s feeling peckish at work, he just nukes it in the microwave and pigs out on it. One of his other favourite pastimes is spending his free time looking at sports cars, supercars — the sorts of things kids dream about. Another thing he likes to dois buy them for himself. 

To date, he owns four cars. A Mercedes. A Lamborghini. A Tesla. And a Range Rover. They are his most prized possessions, and he spent the majority of his earnings on them. Other than his home, the cars, and the things the girls want when they’re being needy, he doesn’t like to spend money. He’s wealthy, and he likes to keep it that way. 


Favourite food: Pot Noodle 
Favourite drink: Red Bull
Favourite book: The Law is my book
Favourite film: The Rainmaker


What was his most embarrassing moment? I don’t have embarrassing moments. 


What’s his greatest strength? Getting people out of jail. They come to me when they know there are no other options, even though they know I charge an absolute fortune. But they pay for what they get. 


What’s his greatest flaw? Spoiling my girls. I can’t say no. If they want something, they will get it. They’re my children and they deserve the best. 


Proudest achievement? Entering into a profitable business partnership with Henry Matheson. Not in the drug respect. No — I would never get involved in that. But whenever he needs me, I use my expertise to help him. And he pays handsomely for me to do so. 


Biggest secret… What else is a man to do when the love is gone…?


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